Episode 2 is here! Phew, this episode was quite the challenge. Going back to the studio to record wasn't an option because of the community quarantine. Nonetheless, we managed to pull through, and here's a new episode for you all to enjoy.

Collaboration is a vital part of the White Brick DNA. Since we got so used to working closely together, shifting to a work-from-home mechanic was at first difficult. We had to maneuver how to maintain teamwork with its physical and metaphysical limitations.

In this episode, Giann and Gab discuss the undeniable importance of collaboration in our work. With special guests - Mishy and Shari! Pardon the little background noise - we had to record our podcast via Zoom. Sigh, collab in the time of coronavirus is hard but if there is one thing we learned as a team, that is Apart is the New Together.

Spoiler alert: Communication is KEY! Listen to our podcast on Spotify and other platforms. Stay safe y'all! ✳︎

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