Directing Krafty Kriz

When I applied for a job at White Brick, I applied to be a graphic designer. A few months into work, I became a copywriter, an art director, and a craftsman. This is my favorite thing about working in White Brick. Every project presents different challenges and needs, so each day at work is unique. One day I am designing a logo, the next day I am writing a whole screenplay.

But perhaps the most challenging role I had was to lead and direct the latest series we are creating for Boysen. The project was a mini-series of DIY videos to be hosted by a YouTuber character. My usual contribution to these type of projects was in conceptualizing and writing. This time, I was entrusted to take the reins and lead the whole project.

I knew it was going to be a serious responsibility. However, I remember not being nervous. During our team meeting the day before production, I was thinking to myself, how hard could it be?

Mishaps and Milestones

I am still generally new to productions. It is not my forte but working with White Brick has provided me many learning opportunities. This project has taught me the indisputable importance of pre-production.

Being the director, I was involved in the conceptualizing of the show, brainstorming of the DIY crafts, casting calls, storyboards, and more. The highlight for me was when we cast the best person for the role, Krizzia Sayson. She fit the character perfectly and all of us became really good friends with her. She was the missing puzzle piece we needed to complete the concept of the project. We called the show Krafty Kriz.

We scheduled a week of production. Within that week, we needed two seasons which is a total of 8 episodes. I remember being so timid the first day. I felt shy in asking people around and many times retreated to my corner taking notes and just worrying. We ended up slacking off in the day's schedule and I knew it was because I was lacking in authority as a director.

The next day, my workmate, Ms. Angel, had to pull me aside and tell me to be more assertive and disciplined in my role. I needed that from her and I realize that it was my time to take charge. After a week of exhausting shooting, we finally wrapped production. It was extremely exhausting but I remember being so grateful because everyone on the team was giving their 100%.

We finished shooting our first two seasons and I felt so accomplished. Our team had a post-mortem after production. During that evaluation, we learned the things we needed to change and retain for the next time we shoot for the next seasons. For me, it was to be confident in taking charge and making decisions.

Taking Charge

A few months later, it was time for us to shoot more seasons for Krafty Kriz. The client loved what we did and the show was doing well. This time, our team was more ready, having with us our learnings from our first experience. The challenge, however, was that we are shooting for 4 seasons, a total of 16 episodes for less than two weeks.

I enjoyed this time more than the first. I was not as timid as before and I was more comfortable in speaking out and taking charge. I remember the team being more prepared, and everyone was still giving 100%. When we filmed our last episode, I can’t help but feel a little sentimental. This was my biggest role yet and it was also the most fulfilling.

Working at White Brick, I learned the importance of growing as a well-rounded designer. Even if I am still learning to be a more efficient leader and director, I am grateful that I have that checkbox marked. I was surprised that when I made mistakes, I wasn't frowned upon. My teammates were more than willing to help and build each other up, and I am extremely thankful.

Graphic designer, copywriter, director - Who knows what role I would take next?

If you want to see Krafty Kriz - go to Studio B on Youtube, or visit

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