• Alexa

Life with Aspins

They say when you rescue a dog, they end up rescuing you instead. Turns out, it’s absolutely true. Bruce and Princess have certainly added a lot of color into our daily life. We want to share the highlights of what life is like with Aspins. Here are few that I particularly love:

1. They seem like they want to go out but when you open the door, they just sit there.

2. Will do anything for treats. If only they could mop the floor as well.

3. Belly rubs are a must before breakfast.

4. If I fits, I sits.

Aspins are very adorable. They are smart, loyal, and sweet just like all dogs. We frown upon racism or discrimination amongst humans, yet, every time we see a dog we would instantly ask what breed it is. Dogs don’t discriminate amongst themselves or humans. If you are part of the pack, no matter how rich or poor, fat or thin, ugly or pretty - they only see you and love you for who you are. Purebred or not, Aspins are just like any other dog. They have so much love to give. ✳︎

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