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Quaranthree: Being Apart is The New Together

As the saying goes, when life throws you lemons, make a lemonade. We didn’t just make one, we made a whole bunch, even added some flavor to it, really! As we entered our third year, we were planning big things for White Brick. But then, the three-year itch started to kick in, until it became an allergic reaction. Just like that, big plans remained as plans. We were all heartbroken with just the thought of not gonna see each other indefinitely. Yeah, because our co-dependency is incomparable. How are we gonna collaborate? How are we gonna brainstorm? What about the game night? Game lunch? Soju nights? The smell of coffee? The jokes, the bullying? It’s like Thanos snapped it all away.

We may have spent half of the year apart from each other, somehow we managed to be as productive as before. We trusted each other even more so. It’s like having friends you don’t see often, but you know they got you.

We may have lost some commissioned projects and a few clients, but it gave us more time to launch our blog site Black*Press, update our portfolio website, start Brandemic — our first online event, and plan our first ever online store.

We may be apart in different cities, but our cause draws us closer together. White Brick may have hit some road bumps as a company, but we evolved as individuals; entrepreneurs, fitness inspiration, YouTuber, plantitas, and bloggers. That is something, that is the new flavor.

Each year, it’s been our tradition to celebrate our anniversary with an intimate party with friends and fam, overflowing with booze and empanadas. The anniversary isn't complete without our team photo - with immature and over-projected poses, glam, and somber you-can’t-sit-with-us faces. This year, it’s just gonna be a Zoom game night with Angel’s cookies and the empanadas! Don’t forget the empanadas.

We are now three years old! We are thankful for each other, for another year, and for being safe and healthy. Here’s our anniversary photo - it proves that being apart is not a reason to not be together! Cheers to another year, White Brick! ✳︎

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