Step by Steph: Self-Watering Planters

If you’ve already tended a garden, you would know the amount of love, care, and attention needed to make it thrive. Sometimes, just missing an afternoon of watering can already make your plant look so sad. Luckily, there are already ways to semi-automate (I say semi because it will still need some of your attention) the taxing process of constantly watering your plants!

Here are the steps in making self-watering planters which you can easily try at home.


Where can I buy a growing/nutrient solution? The most convenient would be to just buy it online or by looking for a local supplier nearby. There are different types so it’s best to ask instructions on how to mix it from your supplier.

Algae is building up inside my bottles. What do I do? Algae start to grow when water is exposed to sunlight. So the easiest way is to cover up your bottles with some paper or foil, or paint the outer part.

I’m still afraid to start. Is there a guarantee it will succeed? The beauty of gardening is that it teaches you important virtues in life such as patience, diligence, and humility. Although there is no absolute certainty that all your plants will survive, the effort you put in will increase the chances of survival.

All of these methods work great especially for small greens like vegetables and herbs. So if you’re thinking of starting a small garden to kick off your hyperlocal food journey, then making this DIY planter is a good starting point. Remember, it is not space or time that dictates the size of your garden, only intent. Happy planting!

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