Welcome to the B*P Podcast

Holy smokes! We are stoked for the release of our very first podcast episode. Hosting our pod are Giann and Gab, two of White Brick's young and vibrant creatives (Jerry is there too, but he just moderates and even wrote this article but I guess he's not important).

This podcast will be where we talk about anything that floats our boat. In this episode, listen as they discuss the meaning of White Brick's motto Better is the New Black. What the @#$% is "better" design? What are the habits that lead to better design? What then is bad design? Is this podcast just all questions? No, but listen to how Giann and Gab thread the thin line of nonsense and quality conversation.

Sounds fun? Why are you still reading this write-up? Go and stream our first episode already, please.


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