When Shirt Hit the Fan

I saw a tweet earlier this week saying that since we shifted into the Julian calendar, the Mayan doomsday calendar was wrong and the world now ends on June 21, 2020, which should happen by the time this article gets posted. I mean we’re all in quarantine because of the coronavirus, the walls of our press freedom are being trampled, our basic Human Rights being stripped away from us. We are basically on the brink of pandemonium.

What I’m saying is, the you-know-what is starting to hit the fan and we need to be responsible enough to acknowledge it and actually do something. As much as this poses a concern on a global scope, it starts with us individuals to start caring. So I will try my best to compile a few things things (I think) we need to address as human beings. 

Responsible Involvement

First of all, nothing is much more important than your involvement during this time of crisis. We’ve seen so much oppression and injustice nowadays that even by turning a blind eye, you are enabling them. I mean, the world is losing its humanity (and humanity) day by day but who else is gonna do the saving? To quote one of my fave musicals, “Together. Together. Together everyone.”

As citizens of a country that had underwent through numerous revolutions, we’ve had our fair share of oppression and it’d be a shame to let our bad history repeat itself. Empathy never went out of style, and it will never be. Standing up for what's right will always be trendy. Make your voice heard and help others to amplify theirs, because after all activism is what? Not terrorism, hunty.

Responsible Information

Information is easily accessible, which means it can also be easily manipulated. So it is essential to make sure that the content you’re providing about the crises are from reliable sources and not just from Facebook, Karen. At this point in time, the only thing spreading faster that this virus is misinformation

Responsible Imagery

Make sure the imagery you’re using is appropriate for the occasion and must be acceptable to all backgrounds. You also have to consider how your audience would react to the icon you used, the colors, Hey does that resemble a Swastika? I don’t think this news needs to be packaged like a wedding invite. 

Responsible Language

During a global crisis, the last thing we’d want to hear is another bad news. So apart from sugarcoating it, try to talk with a tone that best suits your audience. The main goal after all of using responsible language is to streamline communication.

In other cases, explicit language and imagery can be used with discretion, but always try to promote goodwill and try to think if the audience would be receptive to it. 

In retrospect, all of these could’ve been prevented, but here we are. All we can do now to move forward is demand, for a lack of better term, change in the systems that betrayed us. Continue signing them petitions. Wash your hands. Take care of your mental health. Don’t let your voice be silenced. And most of all, practice being socially responsible as a human being. ✳︎

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