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A Decade of Strap

Since its founding in 2013, it has always been part of Strap’s roadmap to reach 10 years. And now, here we are, celebrating their 10th anniversary and the achievement of this milestone envisioned by founder Edel Tribiana, who was crazy enough to start it and even crazier to sustain it.

All Edel cared about from the beginning was creating a vehicle that would drive the skate scene in Cebu to places it’s never been. The intention has always been clear since the genesis of the Strap, and this is reflected in Edel’s conviction as the brand custodian, resulting in its success. Edel reflected on how, over the years of Strap, he did not expect for the brand to create this big of an impact on the skating community and the local hip-hop scene, as well, since the two go hand in hand. When I asked him what he would tell his younger 20-something self, Edel replied, “Good job kay wa ka nag duha-duha og sugod. Gi all-in jud ni younger Edel nga bahala’g unsa’y mahitabo, basta, at least, nasugdan gyud. Padayon. (Good job because you did not hesitate to go for it. Young Edel went all in, no matter what. At least, it was started. Keep it up.)”

Every entrepreneur knows it’s not easy to launch a business, let alone make it thrive. And like every business owner, Edel has had his fair share of ups and downs—maybe even more of the latter than the former. It takes a village and Edel is not passing the chance to thank his. “My family for the all-out support in my dreams; Cliff Rigor and Kenneth Asprer for holding it down with the visuals, the skate team for always representing, my operations team for being consistent with the quality before we release to the market, and lastly, everyone who believes in us! Thank you!”

What has motivated him over the years to grind and overcome the obstacles are his dreams for the skating community. “First, I wanted to have a brick-and-mortar flagship store so that skaters could have a safe space to hang out in, gather, and connect,” Edel shared. Now that has been established, Edel is now working on his several ‘missions.’

This includes building a skate park, which most likely will be in the Mango Avenue area. He and Philippine National Olympic Coach Dani Bautista are already in talks with a retired pro skater affiliated with Tony Hawk to explore the possibility of securing financial support. Another venture that will be announced next year – fingers crossed – is Strap’s collaboration with a major global skate shoe brand.

Strap has a big year this 2024, but in the meantime, we can all look forward to their 10th anniversary party on Friday, November 24, 2023 at 7PM in Draft Punk Craft Cafe. Strap has always had dope anniversary parties throughout the years and this will definitely not be an exception. Pre-selling tickets are Php 200 and walk-in tickets are Php 250. Ticket holders will get a chance to win good stuff from Strap, DC Shoes Philippines, Portray Footwear, WIP Caps, Bodega Distribution, Nevoks Philippines, Moonstar Hotel, Homeboy Loud Couture, and IPI. The line-up of performers includes WAIIAN, Hero Tunguia, King Spade, Budoyx, Enrico Reems, Big Blooda Boki, Harcket, Roadkill, Felhony, Kali Hoods, Short, and DYHA. See you there!

Find the Strap flagship store at the Century Plaza Complex, Juana Osmeña Street, and follow them on Facebook (brand / flagship store) and Instagram (brand / flagship store).

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