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Artsy, Crafty Fun with PROJECT TAPÜK

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Meet the creative minds and hearts behind Project Tapük, a passion project that aims to bring people together through curated experiences. Through partnerships and collaborations with like-minded individuals, artists, performers, subject-matter experts, and community leaders, the group are able to gather passionate participants who want to learn, share, create and connect.

How did you start?

We embarked on this journey with a dream, a dash of burnout, and a whole lot of love for hosting parties. My co-founder, Kil, and I were on the lookout for a creative outlet to inject into our already jam-packed lives.

While our city saw a surge in new event spaces, we identified a need for workshops and activities that would bring strangers together to share their skills and knowledge in various creative fields within these spaces.

Why did you start?

We could have waited until we had more funds or saved up for our business venture, but the thought that resonated with us was, "If not now, when?"

So, this February, we decided to take the plunge with a vague vision of what we wanted our events to embody.

Why the name Project Tapük?

Our passion project mirrors Kil and me—constantly evolving and always a work in progress. Besides, we have an unending love for "tapuk," or simply put, getting people together.

Who are the founders/proponents, and what are your backgrounds?

Kil (Co-founder)- The creative mastermind behind Project Tapük's aesthetic, producing exquisite posters and branding. She holds a product design degree from UP Cebu and boasts a career history collaborating with renowned Cebuano artists, including a year-long stint in NYC.

Dez (Co-founder) - The marketer, writer, and budget-savvy sales guru, navigating her way to establish Project Tapük as a legitimate business. Previously worked with the local press and girlbossed her way to handling multiple foreign and local clients doing marketing and logistics work

Lor, David, and Marianne - The trio behind the lenses, skillfully capturing heartfelt and genuinely joyful moments during our workshops

Victor - The ultimate gear guy and our hype man, always ensuring we have everything we need for our workshops.

Ela - Our Gen Z digital content creator, consistently delivering the cutest reels for our page

What are your goals and dreams for the future?

Our vision is to become the go-to hub for creative experiences in Cebu. We aspire to collaborate with artists from various regions, championing local talent.

Our grandest dream is to construct the ultimate creative space commune—a place where we work, create beauty, snap photos, brew coffee, craft cocktails, house a mini-gallery, and host pop-up stores all under one roof. Kwarta na lay kulang, mall na among itukod ani.

What tapuks can we expect soon?

You name it, and we'll bring it to life! Following one of our most significant workshops, pottery with Reine So, we're confident that we can host any creative workshop you can think of.

In the near future, be on the lookout for workshops such as Flower Arranging, Crochet Making, Paint and Sip, Perfume Creation, and many more, which are currently under wraps. See you at the next tapok!

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