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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Local Cebuano artist and USC Painting student Clifford Honoridez showcased his collection entitled “Elsewhere” at The Gallery, Cebu Making Space.

Artist and USC Painting student, Clifford Honoridez

The exhibition is inspired by Karl Marx’ theory of how the only way an alienated worker can feel human is by being away from work. The artworks are based on Clifford’s personal experience as a former worker in the service sector with realistic visual representations. His aim is to depict the situations of current service sector workers on what things they do when they are not at work with a realistic approach in painting inspired by Gustav Courbet’s Realism works.

Inspired by Gustav Courbet’s depiction of workers and Edward Hopper’s night settings, Clifford created images that represent white-collar workers in graveyard shifts using warm and cool vibrant color combinations to set the atmosphere of the night and depict the activities of a service sector worker while they are not at work. The activities portrayed in the paintings will help visualize the idea of what truly a worker wants to do, which are activities that satisfy their own human essence.

According to Clifford,” The research project will provide insight into Contemporary Realism’s simplicity of how it is used to portray the service sector worker’s human essence. Since we all need to earn to continue living in this society, we tend to find a way to make a living. And a high percentage of people tend to pledge many hours to work and sacrifice their own freedom of doing what they want. The exhibit aims to show people that workers are also human and do human activities during their free time rather than being a cog in a corporate machine.”

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