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Uzi Emperado's "Cartograph of Inner Worlds"

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The Gallery at Cebu Making Space transported viewers into a universe of colors and lines with Cebuano visual artist and graphic designer Uzi Emperado's exhibit "Cartograph of Inner Worlds".

Throughout his career, he has explored and expressed his creativity through various forms of media including street art, merch/apparel design, graphic design, digital illustration, and painting, to name a few.

His latest body of work, “Cartograph of Inner Worlds” explores ideas around metaphysics, psychedelia, human emotions, and subconscious worlds. How has your artistic style evolved from the last collection?

"This current collection is less focused on premeditated visions found in my previous bodies of work. My approach this time is spontaneous, free flowing and dialed into my impulses. I'm exploring and leaning towards the more abstract side of my imagination. The procees feels natural, and why I found myself gravitating towards it."

Any specific themes or subjects that you find yourself consistently drawn to lately?

"Not really drawn to anything specific these days. i tend to have a wide range of things I'm interested in, and it often changes from time to time. My creative career has evolved over the years too that I can't see myself commiting to a style."

Any new technologies, techniques or medium that you're excited to explore in the future?

"If I'm being honest, I want to explore making music, just for fun."

Are there any dream projects or collaborations you hope to pursue?

"What's my dream project? Operate a legal weed farm, I suppose. A man can dream, right?"

We're right there with you on the dream project Uzi and hope to hear some music in the future. Catch his works at the Gallery or message Cebu Making Space on IG or FB for an exclusive viewing.

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