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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Savage Ink International Tattoo Convention returned to Cebu last April 22 and 23, 2023 at the IEC Convention Center Cebu (IC3).

In partnership with World Tattoo Events, the two-day event featured 200 tattoo artists, judges, and guests from the Philippines and 15 different countries, including the Philippines, UK, Vietnam, South Korea, France, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Italy, and Poland.

Event goers rocked out to live performances by local acts, including Annulled by Nature, Ajirakun, Flirt, Scary Death Barbara, Anorexia, Cursed by Fire, Vince Amores, Finding Apollo, Stellarskin; hip-hop artists D A P, Jeper, Loon, Kayaza Chuya, Fongger King Rich, and Shoot-T; and the most-awaited headliner Oh! Caraga.

Founded by veteran tattoo artists Ann Savage and Joe Black

Savage Ink International Tattoo Convention 2023 is made possible in partnership with World Tattoo Events and brought to you by M&R Building Toledo and Asia Tattoo Supply; with the support of MDF Productions, Salve, AStee, Formybiotattoo, and Sullen Malaysia; and special thanks to Titay’s, Fortis Vinculi Eagles Club, and Diablos MC Philippines - Cebu.

Mad Props to Savage Ink International Tattoo Convention for an amazing event. Shout out to all the tattoo artists who showed up and showed off their insanely awesome works. To all the musicians and bands who were and everybody who came through to celebrate ink, art and music.

Check out what went on during the Savage event!

Thank you Ian Intong for the photos!

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