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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Last June 17 - 22, 2023, local artist Giann Alipar, known by his moniker, and friends, invited the public to feel and explore the art of pain in AGAY! - a visual art event held at the Cebu Making Space Gallery.

Photo by: Neena Fuentes

AGAY! Art Show focuses on the common and human experience of pain through different artworks that interpret the piercing emotion. The art show concept started out as a graphic tunok (thorn) pattern designed by as a custom typeface. The tunok then became the main element of pain, of which the other 27 artworks were born from. The artist asked his friends to translate pain through red and black artworks that showed their individual examinations of the many forms that pain can take and where pain locates itself within the human psyche - in the mind, all over the body, through memories that span generations, and even through everyday moments that last a lifetime.

Photo by: Neena Fuentes

According to maraschin0 bb, “I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing artworks my friends made. It really channeled deep pain and childhood trauma. Many of the works were drawn from our own personal experiences with pain; growing up, heartbreak, physical distress, and the tensions of being queer amidst a hostile society.”

Photo by: Neena Fuentes

Pain is truly a universal experience with everyone having their own interpretations - it changes people. The exhibit gave the artists a safe space to confront and express their innermost sufferings while also giving the audience a glimpse of intense emotions that they can relate to.

Photo by: Neena Fuentes

Majority of the artworks were made in Cebu Making Space’s Gallery and Makerspace.

“As artists just starting out in the scene, we wanted to create our own event that highlights our works. Cebu Making Space is literally making space for young creatives and giving us the opportunity to share our talents to a wider audience,” adds maraschin0 bb.

The artists (From left to right): Shari Llamis, Elbert Uba, Xena Luzon, Diane Diana,, Justine Bacareza, Marela Castro, Jeremiah Ablaza, and Subhelic

Photo by: Neena Fuentes

The artist collective and group of young talented creatives have future goals in mind for their upcoming exhibits and art shows, envisioning a bigger event that features different performers, musicians, drag shows and different kinds of art media coming together.

Check out what went on during the Art Show!

Photos by: Neena Fuentes

Check out the catalogue of artworks here: For bookings and reservations of the Gallery, Studio or Makerspace, visit

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