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ART IN THE CITY: We Are Juan, Daybreak, A Thousand Atmospheres, Lantao, De-Kurong

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Art in the City features local art exhibits around Cebu showcasing the works of Cebuano artists and art students. We’re shining the spotlight on these talented individuals who are slowly making waves in Cebu’s art scene. May - June 2024 were a busy couple of months and we’re sharing some photos from the different exhibits around town.

WE ARE JUAN: A Benefit Art Show for Wyndelle @ Qube Gallery

The show was organized to support the artist behind Ar+gaw and Studio 201 Gallery, Wyndelle Remonde. (Read about his journey here). Held at Qube Gallery, 100% of the proceeds went to the medical expenses of Wyndelle, who is one of Cebu’s low-key but very prolific contemporary artists. The initiative was organized by his fellow Cebuano artists: KDLT, John Villoria, G.I. Pongase, Binsoy, Astraberry, and more! You can still check out some of the pieces here.

Show your support for Juan Carabao! Check out Black*Press’s IG and FB pages for more upcoming benefit events near you.

Photos from Qube Gallery Archives. Shout out to Pia Mercado for sharing this album.

DAYBREAK @ The Tea & Gallery

Daybreak is a group show by 7 young Cebuano artists: Kurt William, Cliff Honoridez, Franz Biñan, A.B., Juana Luisa, and Dijan Comendador. It is a showcase of these artists’ hard work created after their day jobs end. These pieces are completed by dawn and despite the late hours and exhaustion, they pour their hearts into their art, finding moments of freedom and expression amidst society’s demands. The artworks are proof that despite the daily routines and drudgery of work, you can always find time to do the things you love, to give yourself the respite from reality through art.

Check out @theteaandgallery on IG for more upcoming exhibits.

Photos by Niko Blanco from The Tea and Gallery archives

A THOUSAND ATMOSPHERES by Subhelic @ Misfits Coffee

The first solo exhibit by Leyte-born artist, A Thousand Atmospheres by Subhelic are a reaction to the ongoing climate crisis and the silent extinctions happening caused by humans. The exhibit features works of white paper with random sketches scratched and pricked into the surface. The result is an observation of undiscoverable lifeforms that disappear and reappear with the changing of the light.

The 11 pieces as well as the zine in this first exhibition are inspired by the hadal zone-- the ocean's deepest, most unexplored-- as well as the quiet extinctions happening in our natural world that we pay no mind to as we go about our human dramas. Biomorphic forms float here and there, automatic drawings of a kind of observation of spirits through a microscope, or maybe a submarine window. Be with me here and look, even if it is hard to see, and stay awhile in the not knowing. We still have time.” - Subhelic

Because of the material and method used to create the pieces they are difficult to photograph or view clearly from a distance. To help with this, “tools for looking” are provided by the artist: handheld flashlights and magnifiers. This allows viewers to “participate as an explorer of a metaphorical hadal zone”

Check out @subhelic on IG for more of his art and design works.

Photos from Subhelic & @_jeremiad

DE-KURONG by John Manuel Legaspi @ Qube Gallery

A thesis exhibition by John Manuel Legaspi from the University of the Philippines - Cebu, DE-KURONG explores the chicken coop as a metaphor for the personal and pervasive socioeconomic struggles that shape and confine the lives of the majority. Jani’s coops mirror the restrictions and barriers imposed by poverty. Viewers were invited to step into the spaces and reflect on the interconnection of human experience and envision a society that could be more equitable and compassionate.

Check out @johnmanuellegaspi on IG for more of his art pieces.

Photos from Qube Gallery Archives. Shout out to Pia Mercado for sharing this album.

LANTAO Thesis Exhibition by UP Cebu Product Design Students @ From Here

“LANTAO: Through the Lens of Design'' is a Thesis Exhibition that centers on an interweb of collaborations between people, objects, ideas, and stories through product design. The exhibition offered the audience a peek into four different lenses of design: Motion, Well-Being, Material Development, and identity. The exhibit served as a creative essay on connection where viewers and visitors were invited to take a peek to see the individual and collective reflections of the students that were mirrored on projects that retrace and prove, over and over again, the interrelationships that bind us all.

According to the exhibit curatorial note, “As product designers, we believe that design should be understood and executed within that web- a reflection of and for humanity.”

Photos from Lantao Archives. Shout out to UP-Cebu Product Design Thesis Students for sharing this album.

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