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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Participants got down and dirty with Terracotta clay at the Make-a-Planter workshop series held at the Cebu Making Space. The workshop was headed by Bea Bajarias, a faculty member at the University of San Carlos Fine Arts Department who completed her undergraduate degree in Fashion Design at USC and her masters of art degree in Arts and Design - Fashion Futures at the Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Bea Bajarias heading the workshops.

Artists-in-the making of all ages had fun shaping the raw terracotta clay into different shapes and sizes, creating all kinds of cups, bowls, pots, figurines, and even a toilet bowl planter. The two day workshop consisted of Day 1 molding and sculpting while Day 2 involved firing and finishing. After the cooked clay cooled, participants started sanding the artworks to smooth out the surface then painted them in different colors.

Student's works after firing, and participant painting their work after.

The workshop has had 3 fully-booked runs in the past two months showing how much Cebuanos are excited to create something and make art.

Check out what went on during the workshops!

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